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The next generation of AI-powered social and on-chain analytics platform

Transforming social and on chain data into vital investment and trading signals of project validity, potential and trend.

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The solution aims at informing two types of decisions:

Consolidating various data streams and transforming them into unique insights

Social Social
Twitter Reddit Telegram Medium Linkedin Discord
Launchpads Launchpads
On-chain On-chain
Audits Audits
Multilingual Psycholinguistic & Text Analytics
Sentiment & Emotion Analysis Sentiment & Emotion Analysis
News Classification News Classification
Bot Detection Bot Detection
Advanced Predictive Behaviour Modelling
Investor & Influencer Profiling Investor & Influencer Profiling
Social Network Diagnosis Social Network Diagnosis
Team Success Prediction Team Success Prediction
Quality Score
Community Base Community Base
Community Authenticity Community Authenticity
Community Trust Community Trust
Community Rationality Community Rationality
Hype Score
Volume Volume
Engagement Engagement
Impact Impact
Momentum Momentum
Sentiment Sentiment
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